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tanaMove"If they have no player,
 let them make it."

Application for recording key inputs over time


[Update history]
2013/05/20 Published.


What is tanaMove?

This application was developed for recording activities of animal behavior by keyboard inputs.
You can record by assigning a key to any behavior. For example, grooming is (G), rearing is (R) and pausing is (P).
Movie is automatically previewed depend on the time line. Indeed, you can start, stop and seek in any time line.


Keyboard inputs is successively recorded during a given period.
Interval of the inputs is configurable from 0.02 seconds to any seconds.
The recorded data will saved as CSV file or XML file.



After the starting this application, the below Setting Window will be appeared.


【Setting Window】


If you would like to record with playing a movie, please drag and drop the movie file into the Setting Window.
The movie is preview in the below Movie Playing Window.


【Movie Playing Window】


After setting Interval and Period in the Setting Window, please push Ready button, and go into the Recording Window.


【Recording Window】


In order to start recording, please push Enter key or Play button in the Recording Window.
If you would like to pause, please push Enter key again or Stop button.
After the end of recording, it is automatically stopped, and the recorded data is save into local folder.


Before use this application, you need to install Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 Runtime.
If you cannot play movie file, you need to install codec, such as K-Lite Codec Pack.


Software License

  • Commercial use/Copy/Modification/Redistribution not allowed.
  • Developer is not responsible for any damages caused by using this program.


[Windows ver.]


2013/05/20 ver0.09 Download (302KB) developed by nibiironokane

  • Some bugs were fixed.

2013/05/20 ver0.08 Download (302KB) developed by nibiironokane

  • Type of output file was changed to XML.

2013/05/20 ver0.01 Download (292KB) developed by nibiironokane

  • This is initial version.


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